I 22.2. 2017

Our project is entering the next phase

The Tune Up Prague working group, which includes experts in various fields related to transport, has announced two key documents at yesterday's press conference: The problem maps and the Analysis document. 

I 13.2. 2017

Riding a bicycle in Prague? Combine the possibilities!

Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Berlin ... It is difficult for local residents living in these capitals to imagine travelling without a bike. For many of them, the bike has become the first-choice for a means of transport. Why does Prague still just look only for a ways between the cities that are extremely bicycle-friendly? 

I 13.1. 2017

We want to facilitate transportation for people from the Central Bohemian Region

The sustainable mobility plan of the Prague agglomeration does not only concern Prague. In its conception, it is also necessary to take into account its relation to the mobility of the Central Bohemian Region. We asked Martin Jareš, Deputy of Central Bohemia Regional Office, for an interview. 

I 29.12. 2016

Facts you might not know about Prague

Prague. A busy, permanently pulsating city of global importance that never sleeps. The historical centre has a mix of old and new buildings and the entire capital city is served by an overloaded traffic system. There is no chance to find any nature here. Or is there? 

About the project

”P+“ is a Prague project whose major objective is the preparation, development, and discussion on the Sustainable Mobility Plan (SUMP – from English: Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan). The “Sustainable Mobility Plan for Prague and its suburbs“ document will become the basic conceptual document of the capital city for the area of mobility, traffic, or more precisely traffic infrastructure with the ambition of superseding and upgrading the current Principles of the Traffic Policy of Prague, valid since 1996.

The Sustainable Mobility Plan for Prague and its suburbs will be finished in 2018, when all other comparable large cities within the EU will be required to have such a detailed document, as it is one of the conditions of drawing from EU funds. Besides the relevant departments of the Magistrate of Prague, other city organizations also focused on city planning, traffic and mobility, and environmental problems, participated on the project. Also, the Středočeský region will participate as it is impossible to look for solutions for Prague’s traffic without reaching the region around it. Cooperation with other professional partners is secured by regular workshops.

Furthermore, another important part of the project is public participation on the creation of the plan. Marketing of the P+ project is led by the “Harmonize Prague“ campaign, targeting the most important goal – the “harmonization of Prague” into an exceptional place to live. Public participation includes the presentation of the principles of sustainable mobility on the website, social pages, and events within the city. Discussion on the plan will be performed through a panel discussion with the public as well.


About P+